Connect to your NUS1000/CiragoLink+ (NUS2000) remotely from anywhere in the world!

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Remote Access Instructions

You can access the NUS1000/CiragoLink+ remotely using the below steps. Please note that you should only use remote access when you are not on your local network. When you are on your local network, you can access setup page by using http://nus1000:1010/ or http://nus2000:1010/ or the NUS1000/CiragoLink+'s IP address.

WebDAV is an application that allows you to remotely log in to devices. You will need the following information to setup your remote access through WebDAV:

1. NUS1000/CiragoLink+ Device name (default is NUS1000/NUS2000)
2. NUS1000/CiragoLink+'s Device ID (located under Status > Information on http://nus1000:1010/(http://nus2000:1010 )
3. Username and Passwords for users
4. Remote Access use: http://nus********** (where * indicates the Device ID of the NUS1000/CiragoLink+)

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